January 31, 2010


Paper in action

January 17, 2010


Előbb-utóbb mindenkit megformálnak./Sooner or later every illustrious person can be moulded.

World of PEZ

January 10, 2010

“In every life we have some trouble | When you worry, you make it double | Don't worry, be happy!”

Az év vége mindig rettentő vicces. Egy kis ízelítő./The year end's a huge fun as usual. Some taste of it.

Próbáld ki a YooouuuTuuube-ot!/Try YooouuuTuuube!



De minden véget ér egyszer./But everything has its end.

B y e, t w e n t y o n i n e!


H e l l o, t w e n t y t e n!

Meg az év eleje is./And the prime of the year also.

"The bunny has been consumed by a superior species."



Bár ez nem is anyira vicces./It's not so serious.
(Oro Verde)

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